Studio rates on application, reach out with the job description, usage, number of folks and hours needed.

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For all weddings, events, parties, jiggles and jaunts, a pdf with general information is available to initially have read through,

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Dalston Heights, 230 Dalston Lane, London E8 1LA

Les        07767 836 221 

Alex       07880 744331

Alessandro 07973 505033‬    

Rash      07538 050 137

Barry      07939 591 097

Steph     07472 731 952 

Patricia  07960 505 557

We have broadband, steamer, rails and a kettle!

Power 13A, 16A & 32A

Rates on Application. All rates quoted are exclusive of VAT please email

For all events, parties, jiggles and jaunts, please email

Terms and Conditions (click to see)

No smoke machines, hazers or phasers unless arranged in advance with Scotty

  • All rates quoted are for 9 hour days unless otherwise stated or agreed in advance.

  • Overtime is charged at an additional 20% of the day rate per hr.

  • The rates quoted are for one crew using one camera, if a second crew/camera ie two photographers is used on the day then an additional 50% of the day rate will be charged.

  • An additional 20% will be added for all 'behind the scenes' filming no matter the usage.

  • Please ask for confirmation of rate applied, we are happy to find a working solution.

  • The old elevators at Dalston Heights do not work - however its easy to judge by the size of the props we have in situ, that access and the shallow flights are not difficult to manage.

  • Floor Plans (click for PDF)


     We are close to Hackney Downs station and a short walk from Dalston Junction and Hackney Central.

  • PARKING Please download the parking App from - Zone C 79721 is in Sandringham Road & Montague Road £2.20/hr, a vat receipt is emailed to you and a text reminder is sent before the parking expires - 10 hours maximum but its easy to extend the hours on the App later in the session- Zone C is a five minute walk from Dalston Heights unload, park and stroll over easy.

  • 4 hours parking is also available to the rear and side of Dalston heights in Marcon Place and Spurstowe Terrace Location 7976